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Wing NORTH NOVA WING 2023 will give you power when you need it, it won’t leave you wanting. It will help you lift ants in low conditions, top-end performance for gusty winds. A wing that feels stable and balanced in flight, has lift in maneuvers, and is light in your hands.

The Nova 2023 has a structurally balanced freeride shape to improve aerodynamic performance. Designed for stability in gusty winds, with a progressively sweeping contour and a refined profile section. Easier to handle and more stable when driving.

The Nova creates lift so you can slide effortlessly through turns without dropping it. The new forward draft camber in the airfoil section generates more lift at the front of the wing. This makes for smoother transitions and, when combined with better sail tension, increases the Nova’s low-end power.

The stiffer, more responsive airframe and tighter skin tension mean the canopy stays clean through a wider wind range. Flutter has been minimized and created a clean trailing edge release with reduced drag.

To ensure the wing remains stable and comfortable under high power conditions, we have reduced the leading edge diameter, concentrating stiffness in the LE center and allowing the reflected wingtips to dump excess power.



  • Stable balanced geometry
  • Maximum low-end power for instant up & go
  • Swept contour with stretched ends
  • Stiffer, more responsive airframe
  • Cleaner and taut awning TE
  • Cargo Panel Layout
  • Greater wind range
  • reduced overall weight
  • Lighter feel with lift for effortless transitions
  • Reflected tapered wingtips for superior depowering
  • Towing Stability Without Power
  • Wide Angle Window Positioning
  • Versatile and easy to use
  • Excellent loft and hangtime
  • Independent dual inflation pressure for strut and LE


  • New high performance canopy material N-HTRS
  • Durable and lightweight Dacron LE/Strut material
  • Intuitive, rigid GripLock handles (optional carbon handles sold separately)
  • New silicone knuckle protector under the depower handle
  • New strategic STPU scuff protection

“I want to catch bigger waves, longer rides, do higher and better tricks. With the Nova, I can chase all of this.”


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