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Mystic Stealth Bar Gen 3 Kite


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Mystic Stealth Bar Gen 3 Kite

The next generation Stealth Bar from Mystic

The Mystic Stealth Bar Gen 3 Kite has been made a lot more ergonomic compared to the Gen 2. The unique thing about this spreader bar is the lever lock system, a lever that ensures that you can pull the harness even tighter and that it is completely sealed during your session. For the Gen 3, the Lever Lock closure has been given a longer lever and a new design, making the spreader bar even easier to open when you want it. Cold numb hands? With minimal force the lever lock opens. The spreader bar is completely streamlined and the pressure points are minimized, giving you a little more freedom of movement. This Mystic Stealth Bar Gen 3 is made from a fiber fusion composite making it incredibly light, but with the right strength to take to the water with a confident feeling.

The hook is made of ultra strong stainless steel and is surrounded by a special fender shield that ensures that the hook will not push against your ribs. In addition, this rubber fender shield ensures that the hook does not slide up, so that the entire harness stays perfectly in place during the entire session. This Mystic Stealth bar Gen 3 is suitable for almost all harnesses with thin straps, such as Mystic, Ride Engine, Dakine, ION and Manera.

Specifications Mystic Stealth Bar Gen 3 Kite

  • Fiber Fusion composite
  • New Lever Lock system
  • Minimized pressure points
  • Very lightweight
  • Sleek design
  • Fender-Shield

Mystic Stealth Bar Gen 3 Kite


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