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slingshot Tyrant 2020 5,8

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Tabla Surfkite Slingshot Tyrant 2020

Completely redesigned for the 2020, the Tyrant is the ultimate wave riding board, designed for riders who want a board they can use both to go down the wave and to make fast turns.

Package includes: Tabla Tyrant 2020, Set of 3 fins FCS II


More on the Tyrant 2020

A classic shortboard shape, a slim contour and rounded squash tail give the Tyrant a sharp, energetic feel and the maneuverability you want while riding the larger sections, fast and critical waves. In 2020 Slingshot introduces new features in its construction that make it significantly lighter and offer a more connected feel while maintaining the durability needed to excel in the sport of kitesurfing..

Why will you love the Tyrant 2020

– New slim shape is fast and cutting for dedicated wave riders.

– Aggressive edges.

– Energetic and super agile, great for powerful spins.

– New structure: lighter weight, more control and feeling of greater connection.

new construction

New lighter construction

Our surf line 2020 includes new handcrafted EPS foam cores, along with bamboo and carbon reinforcements to maintain strength and durability while significantly reducing weight.

rounded squash tail

Nuevo tail rounded squash

A classic and versatile tail shape that is responsive and maintains speed through the slowest and weakest sections of the waves.

bamboo belly patch

Bamboo belly patch

Light and strong, a laminated bamboo section is inserted into the front foot area of ​​the board to give the extra durability necessary to withstand the impacts of kitesurfing.

tri fin set up

Tri-Fin Configuration

Also known as a thruster, this set is stable, maneuverable and versatile. Maintains action on steep and critical sections of the wave.

FCSII Keyless Keels

No tools required, just click inside and click outside. They are so fast, easy and comfortable as safe.

corduroy deck pad

New Pad for the Corduroy deck

Slightly smoother than deck pads we've used in the past, the new corduroy textures offer great grip and is as pleasant on your feet as it is for your eyes.

Carbon reinforcements

Carbon stringers, both on top and bottom, offer strength and toughness, carbon rails along the tail prevent breakage, holes or damage caused by hard landings.

new footstrap position

New insertion position of the footstrap

The inserts on the tail of the board have been repositioned to give riders an optimal rear foot position while riding straps.. This positions your foot directly on the fins for better direction., spins and snaps

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