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For whom it is?

For kiters looking for a fast kite.

What does he do?

Fly and turn quickly thanks to its shape C, small leading edge, a relatively flat and measured profile of the tip. This also makes the Dash good for kite loops (finishes the spin very well) and jumps high creating a strong pull and a feeling of boom!

What's up?

Thanks to the geometric bridle offers a greater range with less wind.

Why is it unique?

Compared to the pivot, the Dash is more attractive and turns better. It also creates good handling when you're unhooked. This power and flight ability gives similar performance to the torch creating a good and slack pop for kiters who like to sail unhooked.

Description of benefits.

Riders looking for a powerful and fast kite will be happy with the Dash. simple, this kite flies fast, rotates fast and has a good feeling with the pull. The C shape, the fine leading edge and the relatively thin profile create an immediate strong pull, which is a great benefit for riders who are looking for jumping high. The Dash does not just spin fast, it completes the turn very well too. If someone is thinking about taking a kite that is a kiteloops machine, this of course will be a very good option. The new Naish Dash model brings a new bridle creating a much better low end for a more consistent power in gusty wind. For all of them who want to sail unhooked, they will find the skill and power similar to the torch, and offers good pop and slack.

Key features:

- Quad-tex ripstop Fabric = The most advanced fabric on the market.

- Reduced attack edge = Solid feel + stability + control in strong winds.

- Bladder lock = Ensures the blader + prevents broken

- Shark Teeth Trailing Edge = Reduce weight which minimizes and disperses the flapping of the fabric.

- 3 rib design = Lightweight, robust structure, easy jumps, long glide.

- HT Plus = Strong, fortifies the leading edge

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