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The all-new 03 Ace is the culmination of 3 years of design work from the Cab Design Works team.  It’s been stripped back and rebuilt with a completely new outline and bottom contouring.  

To say this board is lively is an understatement.  The ‘hybrid’ mix of ingredients ranging from its dual Carbon stringers, honeycomb foam & paulownia mix core optimises strength to weight ratio.  What makes this method of board design so appealing is its versatility and ease at which it performs across riding genres.  

Modern day kiteboarding is about freeriding, be that boosting huge airs, slashing waves, powered tricks and the Ace Hybrid seamlessly transitions the freeride spectrum making it highest performing ‘Do it all’ board in the range.


  • NEW: Double centre concave
  • NEW: 4 degree angled fin for improved grip
  • NEW: refined volume flow for improved dynamics
  • NEW: Centered deck grab rails for progressive boardoff maneouvers
  • Quad channels in the tips for grip when loading off back foot
  • Medium rocker line for early planing lift and reliable edge hold
  • Moderate/low flex pattern for a rapid response & intuitive pop
  • High-end hybrid core construction for lively performance in all conditions
  • Exclusive and strategic use of Japanese Toray UD carbon for precision feedback

Key Features:

  • The do it all performer: A high end construction board designed for an incredibly lively performance in any conditions you ride it in, whatever the style.
  • Carbon stringers: Exclusive use of japanese toray structural carbon combined in the high-end construction for complete precision.
  • Insane grip and pop: A tip and rail channels translate into intuitive back foot grip, a locked-in feel on the water and incredible pop.


  • Medium rocker line: The perfect balance between high rocker, high performance and flat light wind rocker lines. This translates to great all-round boards with lengthened turning radius.
  • Hybrid core: Honeycomb / paulownia hybrid construction offers a very lively under foot feeling. The core combination optimizes strength to weight ratio.
  • Moderate flex: Designed for fun doing a little of everything. The moderate or medium flex allows for easy landings, buttery turns and more forgiveness in all conditions.

Sizes: 135 x 40 / 138 x 41.5 / 141 x 43 / 145 x 44.5




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