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All-around Freeride Foil

Measurement of standard mast: 70cm / Aspect ratio: 3.46 / size eternity 65cm / projected surface area 1220cm2

Without losing what we had started, the foil thrust windsurf foil also offers a great potential for those looking to improve their technique. 50% lighter than in 2018 against departure, the front high 2019 creates a lift at very low speeds and maintains stability. Compared to a high aspect of fast wings, this hang glider is incredibly friendly and gives a lift earlier. Therefore it begins to work below 10knts or if the wind is blowing stronger this wing is also ready to navigate. Conversely, under the same conditions, big-looking wing riders are forced to switch to a smaller wing set, since their sets of light wind wings would no longer be controllable.

Easy turns and other maneuvers are other advantages of the Thrust WS setup. The front wing delta works in tandem with the vertical stabilizer or the rear wing to give control when you turn. The front wing gives a lift at slower speeds making it easier to turn when the foil leaves the water. The big-looking wing foils need a planking board before the foil s with this foil will not need to plan almost anything, since it rises very easily at very low speeds when you are not yet planning.

The Windsurf Thrust set up offers the earliest foiling in looser winds, maximum control at any wind speed (compared to larger aspect foils) and accessible maneuverability in jibs and tacks.The unique design not only gives the bioenvironment to new riders for the sport, help to advance your level.

View the Assembly Instructions HERE

Hover kite boards 130, 155 and 160 have a set of screws different from those that come with the foil, therefore you can not use the screws supplied with your foil, when you use another hover table you can use the screws supplied with the foil.

Reference which screws to use HERE


What’s up:

50% lighter wings

Rear wing + Monocoque Ultra Robust Back Wing Construction.

Fuselage resistant.

Standard plate connection.

Stealthy stripes


High precision CNC cutting fuselage for aircraft.

Aeronautical-grade extruded aluminum mast (all aluminum masts will receive a customized sanding sand speed finish)

Front wing made of carbon foam / glass PrePreg and Hi Mod Front wing construction

Construction of rear wing monocoque foam core PrePreg carbon / glass and Hi Mod

316 Marine grade stainless steel hardware

The complete kit includes.

Windsurfing front wing 1

Windsurfing rear wing 2

70cm aluminum mast

Windsurf fuselage

Screws for the foil

Standard plate

Standard mounting plate

Found for the foil.


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