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Standard Mast 90cm / Aspect Ratio 6.5/ Wingspan: 25.3/ 25.3”- 64.2cm / Surface area 600cm2.

Forgiving and easy to use, The Thrust Foil Complete gives a super sweet sailing and foil experience for anyone from beginners to advanced kiters to have fun.. It is segmented with a front wing that combines the stability of a dihedral construction with a take-off and a slow speed when getting up with an aedra wing.. Designed for balance, this setting reduces pumping (dolphin effect) helped riders find stability, while the large aspect ratio lengthens the glide.

A long, sweet base gives ample stability and gives riders a great sense of freedom and more confidence to progress.. With an incredibly intuitive and smooth glide, This effortless setup frees your attention to enjoy the experience and expand your skills..

La conexión del plate se hace más fácil y rápida para almacenar y separar tu tabla. Un tornillo coge to9do y es fácil y rápido montar y desmontar el foil de la tabla, mientras que la parte inferior de la placa puede mantenerse en su lugar. Sólo unas pocas vueltas de un destornillador Philips nº3 proporciona una conexión segura entre la placa y la tabla. El Abracadabra esta abiable en un set completo o en un diferente pack que funciona con cualquier mástil actual o antiguo de Naish.

Aluminum hover boards panels 130,155 and 160 they have a flatter rail system and therefore use a flatter rail system therefore require flatter bolts than are given with the board. These boards CANNOT be used with the long screws that come with the long screws that come with the Naish Thrust foil. When you use it with any other table, the screws supplied with the foil will be used.

What's up:

Front wing 50% lighter.

Rear wing.

Monocoque rear wing ultra robust construction.

Heavy fuselage.

Stealth stripes.

Conexión de la placa del Abracadabra


High precision CNC cutting fuselage for aircraft.

Aircraft grade extruded aluminum mast (all aluminum masts will receive a custom sanded sand speed finish)

Carbon foam front wing / PrePreg and Hi Mod glass Front wing construction.

Carbon/Glass PrePreg & Hi Mod Foam Core Monocoque Back Wing Construction

316 Marine grade stainless steel hardware

The complete kit includes:

Front wing ks2

Rear wing ks2

Mast 90cm / aluminum

Fuselaj KS/surf

Set of screws or for foil.

Placa Abracadabra.

Juego de tornillos de la placa abracadabra.

Foil cover.


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