Gran Canaria has incredible conditions for kitesurfing all year round, but these conditions make your equipment suffer much more wear and tear, so we offer you the best option to repair your kites,

Our workshop has many years of experience where anything that happens to your kite we can fix: big breaks, leading edge, ribs, tears, valves, bladders.

In our store we have all the accessories and spare parts you need: bladders, valves, lines, etc.


In bladders we work with the best brands which guarantee your repairs and the life of your kite with a new bladder, perfectly adapted to any brand and model of kite. Also depending on the type of breakage we can repair your bladder without having to buy another one. Request a quote at

If you live abroad please contact us to repair your material, we have agreements with several transport companies so you can send your material and fix it in just a few days.