The new range of Slingshot Kite 2017! El Team #LPWS you are ready to try them this weekend!!
Slingshot Fuel 2017, the ultimate durability icon, power and recognition of what Slingshot is today.
For him 2017 return the configuration of 4 direct lines, The bridle that gave us so much play in 2015 and 2016. An anchor point is added in the center of the leading edge for those riders who want to navigate the new Fuel 2017 with 5 lines!!
Slingshot Wave SST kite designed for waves and riders who practice strapless. Wave SST is the true essence of a wave kite.
The features that make the Wave SST 2017 be a kite is due to the IRS flange system, along with the impressive turning speed and how it moves and anticipates when maneuvering in the wave allowing you to take advantage of the full force of the wave and preventing the wind from taking you out of it. Purposely built to resist foam adds strength and durability to the kite.
#Kitesurfing #grancanaria #lpwspozo Slingshot Spain Jose Pollo Victor Gil Marquez

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